Education and Training


What we offer to educational institutions


  • Theatre workshops: these are tailor made to the requirements of the institution and can either be spread over several days, or can be short and punctual. If required, they can end with a small informal
    Photo from a theater training session

    performance. The workshops include activities centred around physical and vocal expression, theatre games to develop focus and character, and build teamwork and trust, and exercises in storytelling, improvisation and role play. The workshops can be designed for ages 8 and up.

  • Workshops centred around specific issues: bullying, abuse, intolerance, drug use, violence, are all examples of issues facing young people today, and can be addressed using specially planned theatre workshops.
  • Workshops for teachers: theatre techniques are invaluable for teachers to develop their own presence in the classroom, and also to bring out the best in their students through confidence building and interactive work. Teachers’ workshops can be planned on weekends or over afternoon sessions.


  • Our own performances followed by discussion sessions: our team can bring in ready-made performances on a number of issues, which can be performed for students and can be followed up by interactive sessions.

    A session at COMSATS, Islamabad
  • Dramatised story reading sessions: these are fun for younger children, and can be carried out in both English and Urdu.
  • Annual play development: Theatre Wallay works with educational institutions to prepare annual theatre productions. Our services can be limited to direction only, or can include a package deal for complete play production.
  • Dramatic readings: we can help school teams prepare performed dramatic readings on any chosen topic, from selection of material to final performance.
  • Development of dramatics societies: we can help plan and organise societies and provide follow up on their running and activities.