Our Team


Fizza Hasan

Fizza Hasan, one of the founding members of Theatre Wallay, is also its artistic director. Theatre Wallay, an Islamabad based company, evolved from a group she brought together in 2005. Director, actor, producer, trainer and writer, Fizza has been involved with almost every one of the group’s productions to date, of which the “Voices of Partition” , and ‘On Common Ground’ toured the United States in 2015, and 2017 respectively.

By profession, Fizza is a teacher of French and English literature as well as a teacher trainer. She has been working in the education sector for more than twenty years.

Safeer Ullah Khan

Safeer joined TW towards the end of 2010. His first project was ‘Tartuffe (A French Play in Urdu)’. He has contributed to the development of TW in many ways. He has acted in plays, written scripts, trained new entrants, directed plays, and organized Urdu reading and recitation sessions especially the TW Annual Event Shaam e Sukhan. He scripted ‘Bachay Hamaray Ehd Ke’ – a play for children performed in Children Literature Festival in Islamabad. He directed ‘Siasat @ 8 PM’, performed in ‘This Stained Dawn’, and has conducted numerous training sessions for new entrants. He is the one who takes care of this website also. He holds a masters degree in English literature, and has served the communication needs of many nonprofit and for-profit entities including Channel 7 Private Limited, Adgroup Private Limited, Bedari, and USAID Ambassador’s Fund Grant Program. (Read more)

Ammar Khalid

Ammar is an actor and writer, and Associate Artistic Director at Theatre Wallay. An anthropologist by training, Ammar completed his Masters at Columbia University on a Fulbright Scholarship, and is currently teaches high school History and Sociology in Islamabad.

Imran Iftikhar

Imran Iftikhar works with Theatre Wallay as an actor, writer and member of the core team. He has acted in a number of plays in English and in Urdu. Most recently, he co-wrote and acted in On Common Ground, which toured Portland and Ashland, Oregon, this summer He is a teacher at heart, and has spent the last few years teaching History at Middle School level. For the past year he has also been working with The History Project, handling their operations in Islamabad. Imran loves to travel, and likes to play the Tabla in his spare time.

Amna Mawaz

Amna is a dancer who has been trained in Bharatanatyam, Kathak and Day Shankar styles since the age of 11 years, and has performed in China, India, USA, UK and UAE. She is also a political activist working for an oppression-free Pakistan. Amna completed her Masters in Pakistan Studies, and is currently teaching and choreographing dance at the Pakistan National Council of the Arts in Islamabad.

Wajih Nizami

A Pakistani musician, composer and writer as well, Wajih ull Husnain Nizami is a classical Sitarist and upholds the tradition of sitar playing handed down to him through 18 generations  of “Senia Gharana” after the name of “Mian Tan Sein Ji” the court musician of Mughal emperor Akbar.

Irfan Masih

Irfan Masih has been playing the tabla for over two decades, and has had the opportunity of playing alongside many a famous musician. Irfan joined Theatre Wallay last year, and has since performed in various musical evenings and events. Although the tabla is his expertise, Irfan can play numerous musical instruments, including the guitar and the darbuka.

Haseeb Chishti

A high school teacher and drama coach, Haseeb has been an actor/writer with Theatre Wallay since 2016. He has been working in education and performing arts since 2014 when he completed a Master’s in Literature from the University of London after starting out as a Chartered Accountant in the advisory sector.

Kazim Hussain

Kazim is the stage manager for this project, and has been working with theatre wallay as an actor, writer and stage manager. He recently graduated from university with a degree in English Literature and Philosophy.

Mustafa Hasan

Mustafa has been working with Theatre Wallay for over ten years. He is mainly a sound designer, but often acts as an understudy. In his free time, Mustafa appreciates strange rock music and American comic book culture.

Rabia Pasha

A legal researcher by profession, teaching University of London distance learning LLB and LLM students, Rabia has been part of Theatre Wallay since its inception as an actor and has worked on several projects with the team over the years.

Muhammad Usman Khan

Muhammad Usman Khan is a teacher, a development consultant and a public health professional. He has produced, and acted in, several plays at his alma mater in Lahore, and he has been an active, self-driven member of Theater Wallay since 2014 when he joined the group for the Voices of Partition project. Usman is currently managing to stay engaged in theater work alongside two jobs and hopes to, one day, pursue acting full time.

Zainab Hasan

Zainab Hasan is a twelve year old student during the day, and an actor at night. She has worked with Theatre Wallay many times in the past. This is her fourth project with them. When she is not acting, she is usually working backstage. She is also a huge cat lover, and loves food more than anything else in the world.