Who We Are


Theatre Wallay is a non-commercial group of artists with a passion for theatre and literature. Active in Islamabad since 2005, Theatre Wallay has put up many performances of plays hailing from world literature. One of our original productions, the acclaimed ‘Daagh Daagh Ujala’ (This Stained Dawn), toured the United States in 2015. Our latest project, On Common Ground, toured the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and Artists Repertory Theatre Portland in June/July 2017.

The group is also involved in ‘Theatre for Social Change’ projects and works to promote the use of creative expression as a tool for empowerment and critical dialogue. To this end, we conduct regular workshops, readings, trainings, and other activities in partnership with local and international organizations. We organize street theater performances on various social issues across Pakistan in most Pakistani languages.

We also conduct theatre education programs and workshops with students of all ages. Since November 2016, our team has been running a not-for-profit cultural space and community center – Theatre Wallay Den. We bank on support and donations from our patrons and audiences to sustain this volunteer-run space which brings quality events for entertainment and discourse to the twin cities.


At Theatre Wallay, our mission is to ignite imaginations, provoke thought, and inspire change through the transformative power of live theatre. Committed to artistic excellence, challenging perceptions, fostering empathy, and celebrating the richness of the human experience, we bring plays from world literature to the Pakistan stage. We write and produce original plays, and work on theatre for social change agendas. We also nurture emerging talent by training people in acting and theatre techniques.

By collaborating with diverse voices and engaging with audiences of all ages and backgrounds, we strive to create theatrical experiences that can appeal to all people across the social, ethnic, and religious divides.