New Session of Acting Class to start on Feb 4, 2020


Acting Class after Performance
Acting Class in Progress
Acting Class performing their first Improv Show
Acting Class - First Theater Performance
Bowing to the Audience - End of Show
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Rung School of Music and Arts and Theatre Wally bring you the Acting Class every Tuesday and Thursday. It is a 3-month course starting on February 04, 2020.

Anyone and everyone should attend these basic level acting classes even if they are not planning to adopt acting as a career. The Acting Class will help you gain confidence to speak before a bunch of people, and help you get rid of self-consciousness and body stiffness.

The Training will focus on the following aspects (not in any particular order):
1. Physical Preparations/Exercises including breathing, and warm-up.
2. Inhibition Breaking – Getting rid of self-consciousness
3. Voice Exercises
4. Stage Awareness
5. Understanding the Script
6. Scene analysis
7. Dialogue Delivery
8. Character Analysis and Development

Remember! You will be doing exercises, playing various games, and acting out short scenes. Do not expect lectures in the class.

Know about your Acting Coach

Deadline for registrations: Feb 1, 2020
Classes will begin from Feb 04, 2020

Every Tuesday and Thursday – 6:30 PM to 8 PM
Fee: Rs 9,500 per month (8 classes); Registration Fee: 1500

NOTE: We have a limited number of slots, enroll now!

Theatre Wallay: Phone/WhatsApp: 03035667670,


Rung School: Phone/WahtsApp: 03331947016; Email:


Here is something from previous Acting Classes:

No Second Take – a former students tells about his experiences in the acting class.

The Acting Class students receive standing ovation for their first performance