‘Feminism Apna Apna’ performed at the Farm


Theatre Wallay (TW), in collaboration with Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, performed ‘Feminism Apna Apna’ to a sizeable crowd that could be accommodated in the small courtyard at the Farm at Banigala (Islamabad) with Covid2019 restrictions in place. The performance was held on March 16, 2021.

Since ‘Aurat Azadi March’ has started in Pakistan, it generates a heated debate on social media as well as on the mainstream media. However, the discussion keeps drifting away from the core issue of gender inequality. TW tried to reset the focus on gender inequality through ‘Feminism Apna Apna’.

It was a devised play. The team sat together, did brainstorming sessions, which helped in devising a play that touched different aspects of feminism – even those, which were hitherto ignored in the mainstream narrative. The performance was followed by a discussion, which continued for almost an hour.

The play was directed by Safeer Ullah Khan. The cast and crew included:

The Cast:

  • Afshan Huma
  • Imran Iftikhar
  • Ammar Khalid
  • Fuzail Raza
  • Fizza Hasan
  • Sara Pasha
  • Kanwal Ajmal
  • Usama Ahmad Khan
  • Karum Kayani
  • Zainab Hasan

The Crew (Lights/Sounds):

  • Mustafa Hasan
  • Ramil Aftab
  • Ikram Ullah Khan