Shaam e Sukhan 2018 – Goshay Mein Qafas Ke


Theatre Wallay kept its tradition of its annaul Urdu literary event ‘Shaam e Sukhan’ alive. The 7th edition of Shaam e Sukhan was organized on Feb 25, 2018 at the Farm – TW Studio in Islamabad. It was titled “Goshay Mein Qafas Ke” (from the corner of the prison).

This year TW decided to read excerpts/poems from books written during or about imprisonment. The performance started with a tribute to Asma Jahangir. It was a poem written by well-known poetess Kishwar Nahid. The show was hosted by Safeer Ullah Khan who appeared as a plain clothes man – a euphemism for the foot soldiers of secret agencies.

The writers/poets included Major Muhammad Ishaq (on Faiz Ahmad Faiz’s imprisonment), Faiz Ahmad Faiz, Sheikh Ayaz (famous Sindhi writer – Sahiwal Jail Ki Dairy), Lall Shah (Jang Beeti or Qaid Kahani), Habib Jalib (Jalib Beeti), Ahmad Faraz (Mohasra), and Salman Haider (Awagon).

The readers included Ammar Khalid, Shozab Askari, Farnood Alam, Imran Iftikhar, and Omer Khan. Razi Abrar sang a quartet by Faiz Ahmad Faiz, while they were accompanied by Wajih Nizami on Sitar, and Irfan Khan on Tabla. Kazim Hussain and Fizza Hasan helped in set design and production management.