Workshop ‘Theater Basics for Beginners’ held


dsc_1013A workshop titled ‘Theater Basics for Beginners’ was organized by Safeer Ullah Khan – a member of PUAN (IVLP 2013). Financial support was provided by PUAN and US Embassy Islamabad, while technical support was provided by Theatre Wallay – an Islamabad based theater group.

The workshop was announced through Facebook, and more than 35 people signed up. As we had 20 seats, we confirmed only 25 persons, 50 % of whom were PUAN members. Many people dropped out. The total number of actual participants stood at 17. It was held at the Hive Islamabad on 4th September 2016. It started at 11 AM and was concluded at 4 PM.

The first session from 11 AM to 1 PM was focused on confidence building, team coordination, focus, stage presence, positioning, and inhibition breaking. Lunch and tea were served between 1 PM and 2 PM. The second session was held from 2 PM to 4 PM focusing on recalling one’s experiences from childhood, picking the most dramatic moments from those experiences, and writing a brief story around those moments.dsc_1009

The participants were quite happy about the workshop; all of them signed up for a follow up workshop, which would be arranged by Theatre Wallay. Most of them did not know each other before, but within short span of 5 hours, all of them had become friends. All of them wanted to be part of Theatre Wallay’s next projects. We would try our best to engage them in our upcoming projects.