“Yeh Shehr Zair e Tameer Hai” performed at the Farm


Ye Shehr Zair-e-Tameer Hai’ is an original play written and performed by newly trained young actors and writers. It was a result of many training sessions, lots of mentoring, and, of course, unwavering commitment and unmatched passion of the young team. The play was performed at the Farm on May 13, 2018. Many people including senior citizens graced the occasion. Ms. Indu Mitha (the famous octogenarian classical dancer) also attended the performance and appreciated the young actors for their wonderful debut performance. The performance was followed by a discussion/comments and questions from the audience.

The play was a part of activities under Theatre Wallay’s ongoing project On Common Ground. It focuses on public spaces, their significance and how they are changing with the passage of time from young people’s perspective. Theatre Wallay team provided guidance, and technical support to the young team in developing script, designing performance, and executing it. Fizza Hasan, Ammar Khalid, and Kazim Hussain deserve a special mention here.

The script writing was a collective effort of 6 people, and more or less the same team performed the 10 characters in the play. Some actors played multiple roles. The team consisted of: 

  • Aamir Ali
  • Ramil Aftab
  • Adil Yousuf
  • Syed Ahsan Iftikhar; (was replaced by Hamza Athar in performance)
  • Ahad Ali Siddiqui
  • Usama Ahmad