Our Team


Fizza Hasan

FIZZA HASAN wears multiple hats; alongside her roles as founder and Artistic Director of Theatre Wallay, she is a dedicated teacher of English Literature and French, and a seasoned teacher trainer.

Fizza’s leadership at Theatre Wallay spans all major projects, local and international, from overseeing finances and programming to nurturing collaborations.

Fizza has also lent her creative voice to the scripts of numerous original plays.
She has a special interest in bringing theatre to marginalized communities, empowering young people and advocating for change.

Fizza’s directorial prowess is evident in her diverse portfolio, ranging from adaptations of classic works to original productions. She also continues to take to the stage as an actor.
Her journey in the world of theatre and education is marked by creativity, dedication, and a commitment to social impact. As a leader, artist, and educator, she continues to inspire change and enrich communities.

Safeer Ullah Khan

Safeer joined TW towards the end of 2010. His first project was ‘Tartuffe (A French Play in Urdu)’. He has contributed to the development of TW in many ways. He has acted in plays, written scripts, trained new entrants, directed plays, and organized Urdu reading and recitation sessions especially the TW Annual Event Shaam e Sukhan. He scripted ‘Bachay Hamaray Ehd Ke’ – a play for children performed in Children Literature Festival in Islamabad. He directed ‘Siasat @ 8 PM’, performed in ‘This Stained Dawn’, and has conducted numerous training sessions for new entrants. He is the one who takes care of this website also. He holds a masters degree in English literature, and has served the communication needs of many nonprofit and for-profit entities including Channel 7 Private Limited, Adgroup Private Limited, Bedari, and USAID Ambassador’s Fund Grant Program. (Read more)

Ammar Khalid

Ammar joined Theatre Wallay in 2014 and has been part of several productions since. He has been part of the acting and writing teams of ‘Voices of Partition’ and On Common Ground/Zard Paton ka Ban. Major roles played by him include Chekhov’s The Bear, and Arturo Ui in an Urdu production of Brecht’s classic The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui. Recently, he has also started experimenting with direction, starting with co-directing a staging of Manto’s radio plays, and directing an original children’s play, Bachay Hamaray Ehd Ke. His last performance was in our production of Antigone.

Imran Iftikhar

Imran Iftikhar works with Theatre Wallay as an actor, writer, and member of the core team. He has acted in a number of plays in English and in Urdu. Most recently, he co-wrote and acted in On Common Ground, which toured Portland and Ashland, Oregon, this summer He is a teacher at heart, and has spent the last few years teaching History at Middle School level. For the past year he has also been working with The History Project, handling their operations in Islamabad. Imran loves to travel, and likes to play the Tabla in his spare time.

Usama Ahmed Khan

Usama, a multi-talented artist, joined a theater workshop in 2018, and never left Theatre Wallay since then. He was part of Arturo Ui Youn Qabiz Hua, Yeh Shehr Zair e Tameer Hai, and ‘The School for Wives’. Usama has worked on short films as a writer and director and bagged multiple wins in film festivals. In 2013, his film ‘Democracy – Made in Pakistan’ stood first in 60 Seconds Film Festivals. In the following year, another short film ‘Jamhoori Tamasha’ won him another prize in the same Festival. Also, he has been performing as a stand-up comedian in twin cities since 2015. For a living, he works as Senior Design Engineer in a software company in Islamabad.

Sara Pasha

Sara has been with Theatre Wallay as a performer, event coordinator, and stage manager since 2019. During this time, she has also managed social media and publicity.

She has worked on projects revolving around social issues – including gender equality, illegal immigration, and children’s rights. Her most recent role was playing Antigone in our Urdu production of ‘Antigone’ by Jean Anouilh.

Sara is currently pursuing a master’s in Education with theatre being an important part of her life. She is a passionate advocate for the performing arts and believes in its power as a vehicle for change.

Ramil Aftab

Ramil is a corporate slave who believes that art is necessary to keep one’s soul alive. He has been working with Theatre Wallay as an actor, writer, and a part of the management team. He has acted in several plays with Theatre Wallay and also co-directed a short play for Pehli Kiran Schools. Ramil is as confused about what to do in his life as he is sure about his passion for theatre. Aside from theatre, Ramil is also a stand-up comedian who co-founded Comedy Square Pakistan – the pioneer stand-up comedy group in the city.

Adil Yousaf

Adil Yousuf joined Theatre Wallay in 2018 as part of a workshop for beginners. His first play was ‘Yeh Shehr Zair e Tameer Hai’. Later, he remained part of ‘Siasat @ 8 PM’, ‘Arturo Ui Youn Qabiz Hua’, ‘Bhago’, ‘The School for Wives’, and ‘Antigone’. He has acted in these plays and contributed to the scripts of some of them. He has a passion for writing; his writings have been published in Daily Times, and Stimson Center. However, he feels that he is a cinema person at heart, and plans to become a filmmaker ultimately. He has done M Phil in international relations from Quaid e Azam University, Islamabad.

Kazim Hussain

Kazim is the stage manager for this project and has been working with Theatre Wallay as an actor, writer, and stage manager. He recently graduated from university with a degree in English Literature and Philosophy.

Mustafa Hasan

Mustafa has been working with Theatre Wallay for over ten years. He is mainly a sound designer but often acts as an understudy. In his free time, Mustafa appreciates strange rock music and American comic book culture.

Umer Farooq Bhatti

Umer is a professional screen and theatre actor, having his professional acting training in the U.K. where he also worked in many short films, TV serials, theatre plays, radio dramas, and voice-over work. Umer is also IMDb credited for his professional work. He has been part of Theatre Wallay for over 2 years and has performed in various plays including Siasat @ 8 PM, Arturo Ui Youn Qabiz Hua, and School for Wives.

Zainab Hasan

Fifteen-year-old Zainab Hasan spends her mornings at school and her evenings working with Theatre Wallay. When not acting in a production, she chooses to work backstage, and plans on staying connected to the world of theatre well into the future. Zainab is also an avid writer of fiction and tries to keep her two worlds linked.

Ikram Ullah Khan

Ikram Ullah Khan joined TW team in 2011. He has acted in major productions like Siyasat @ 8 PM, Dagh Dagh Ujala, Zard Patton Ka Bann and some more. When not on stage, he will be providing either technical support for visuals, sounds, and lights behind the scene or will be hanging around with a DSLR camera. He is a software engineer by training.

Zidaan Hayat

Zidaan Sikander Hayat joined the TW team in 2020, he has always had an interest in technical problem solving and has mixed that interest with the arts. Zidaan provides vital technical support that ranges from various visuals, to sounds and lights, leveraging technology to enhance the effect of a performance. He is (shockingly) a software engineer by profession.