The Farm Comes Home

A View of the New Location

The art world has been extremely hard hit by the covid-19 pandemic over the last year and half. Cinemas and theatres have been in darkness and concert halls silent. Performers and artists have found themselves without work, and cultural activity of all kinds has been at a standstill. Under these circumstances, many spaces that lived off the art world have not been able to survive.

The Farm, the Theatre Wallay run cultural space, has had a difficult time of it too. We have had to give up the rented premises that we renovated and breathed life into for almost five years now. Without audiences or grants, we found it impossible to continue to pay the considerable rent and maintenance costs that the place incurred.

However, where a door closes, somewhere a window opens! The Farm is not closing down – it is relocating, thanks to a generous donation of land from one of our patrons. Our new space (about 3 minutes’ drive from the old Farm premises) is set on a hill slope with breathtaking views over the capital.

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We are thrilled to announce that this new Farm will be fully functional from 1st July, and that our new program of events will kick off from the 10th.

The premises feature a beautiful garden, space for an open air theatre and a weekend café. We hope that you will continue to grace this now permanent cultural space (the only one of its kind in the city) with your presence at our events, and will come and hang out with us to unwind and relax whenever you can make the time.

The Farm will welcome you with open arms. Let’s all contribute to keeping cultural spaces alive! Enjoy a light summer meal at our cafe before or after the show.