Theatre Wallay conducts its first-ever team building session for the corporate world


Recently, Intellia Advisors approached Theatre Wallay (TW) to help them improve their team work by employing Improv games. We, Team Theatre Wallay, always believed that theater and improv games can do magic in boosting team spirit, improving team coordination, and helping people think out-of-the-box. This was a rare opportunity to prove our hypothesis which was there in our minds for years.

Safeer (standing in the middle) is giving instructions for a game.

TW team grabbed the opportunity and assigned it to the best person for the job – Safeer Ullah Khan who has been teaching acting classes at Rung School and Pakistan National Council of the Arts for quite a few years. He was accompanied by Sara Pasha, who is a young and enthusiastic team member always ready to take up new challenges.

The session was held in Bhurban, where the Intellia team was having their annual retreat. It was a 3-hours long session. TW team started off with simple warm-up exercises, and slowly moved towards games focusing on coordination, focus, and trust. In the later part of the session, the focus shifted to communication, and improv games.

The result was amazing. TW team received overwhelming feedback. The games kept everyone hooked till the end. In fact, some of them were a bit shocked when we announced that the session had concluded. The change in the Intellia team was visible there and then. Their communication and coordination had already improved; they looked more in sync with one another.

In the feedback, they mentioned that they felt more connected. Different games helped to improve their confidence. They, quite candidly shared that they were a bit sceptic about the session in the beginning, and at least two persons did not want to participate. However, they acknowledged that they were eased into the things in such a way that they never felt they were with strangers.

Intellia Team at the Amphitheater

The Intellia management was happy with the result as it helped break the ice, and brought the team members closer. They learnt new things about their colleagues with whom they were working for years. Intellia management plans to hire new staff, and organize another session after the new hiring is complete.

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