Theatre Wallay hosts team Zindagi Tamasha – Khoosat Films


Zindagi Tamasha is a new film – everything about this film is new or at least relatively new. Khoosat Films is a new company, Sarmad Khoosat and Kanwal Khoosat, though not new to films or theater, but definitely new producers. Almost all the actors are new actors – Arif Hassan, Eman Suleman, Ali Kureshi are new actors and it is their debut film. Nirmal Bano is again a new writer.

Theatre Wallay hosted the team Zindagi Tamasha at its venue – The Farm at Banigala. It was a meet and greet event attended by people from different walks of life. A trailer of the film was played, and it was followed by an introduction of the film, the cast and crew. They shared their views, and opened the forum for questions.

A track from the film was played, and then Saakin band played a few of their songs. Saakin is credited with musical track for the film.

Here is a quick look at the credits for the film:

Sarmad Khoosat

Written By
Nirmal Bano & Sarmad Khoosat

Arif Hassan
Samiya Mumtaz
Eman Suleman
Ali Kureshi

Zindagi Tamasha is a brave and timely film in context of Pakistan’s current socio-political environment. It is an intimate portrait of a Lahori family, as well as a scorching political commentary on the ‘little gods’ on earth who police our private passions.