Acting Class with Social Distance


Theatre Wally (TW) bring you the Acting Class every Monday and Thursday. It is a 3-month course starting on August 04, 2020. We will keep physical distance and provide sanitizers. Handwashing facility has always been there.

Anyone and everyone should attend these basic level acting classes even if they are not planning to adopt acting as a career. The Acting Class will help you gain confidence to speak before a bunch of people, and help you get rid of self-consciousness and body stiffness.

The Training will focus on preparing an actor for theater performance – building an actor’s physique, breathing, and control over his/her voice, dialogue delivery, understanding character, scene analysis, and basic acting techniques. It will end with short scenes/monologues, which will be recorded and uploaded to TW’s YouTube Channel.

Remember! You will be doing exercises, playing various games, and acting out short scenes. Do not expect lectures in the class.

Deadline for registrations: July 11, 2020
First Meetup of the Registered Students: August 04, 2020

Classes: Every Monday and Thursday – 6:30 PM to 8 PM
Fee: Rs 9,000 per month (8 classes)
Registration Fee: 1,000

NOTE: Only 10 students will be admitted.

Phone/WhatsApp: 03035667670