Ustad Raza Ali Khan School Of Music opens with an evening of classical music


Theatre Wallay launched its new initiative, “Ustad Raza Ali Khan School of Music” with a classical music concert ‘Mehfil-e-Khayal-o-Sama’ on April 27, 2019.

Ustad Raza Ali Khan

At the school, beginner and advanced training in classical music (vocals and multiple instruments) will be offered, under the guidance and patronage of Ustad Raza Ali Khan. Students will also have the opportunity to learn directly from the Ustad through workshops that will be offered at different points in our yearly calendar. The school will also present workshops and seminars in musicology and the theory and philosophy of music. Courses for people with disabilities/special needs are also being designed in collaboration with trained practitioners.

Ustad Raza Ali Khan, grand son of Ustad Baday Ghulam Ali Khan and current Khalifa of Kasur Gharana, lives in India and regularly visits Pakistan to enthrall his fans on this side of the border. He has played instrumental role in designing music course for the School. He has gathered his knowledge in a lifetime from various sources including his elders and many other ustads of classical music. He is keen to transfer this knowledge to the next generation. He has been generous with transferring his knowledge to the next generation, as he has taught many youngsters in his life. Zain ul Abideen, an excellent classical signer, is one of his brilliant students. He is carrying the Ustad’s legacy forward. He will be leading the team of music teachers at the School.

Zain ul Abideen

“I faced a lot of hardships while learning music. It is not easy to reach out to traditional music teachers, and many of them would withhold their knowledge from their pupils probably because of their own insecurities. I don’t want the youngsters to face the same hardships”, explains Zain.

“Theatre Wallay started a little over two years ago at The Farm with a vision to build an inclusive cultural space for dialogue through art and literature. This school is a part of our efforts to promote peaceful coexistence through art and culture”, said Ammar Khalid, Theatre Wallay’s Associate Artistic Director.