Dagh Dagh Ujala (This Stained Dawn) is performed in Islamabad


Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 2.07.15 pmTheatre Wallay performed its play ‘Dagh Dagh Ujala’ in Islamabad on 24th, 25th, and 26th of April 2015. Though the performance venue was a little out of way – in Kuri a suburban town – it was performed before packed hall all three nights.

The play was based on true stories collected in the previous phase of its project Voices of Partition. Many people came again to watch it, and others sent their children and grand children to see what they had gone through during partition. One could hear laughter as well as sobs, and see smiles as well as tears during the performance. Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 2.13.21 pm

It was such an intense experience for some that they said they could not comment on it right after the performance; they said they needed time to digest it, to come to terms with it. No one remained unaffected or indifferent to the play.


Marziyeh Ozark made following remarks about the play:

Thought provoking & heart felt performances in Daagh Daagh Ujala (This stained Dawn) narrating stories of Partition. Each story told was a lived experience, a people who until then had lived in peace turned suspicious and cynical.As the lands were divided so were the people.One of the most touching scenes is when the Muslim is terrified of the Hindu officer who then simply asks to have “Lahore ka pani.”
Taught to hate one another, to distrust & be suspicious, the most effective lines spoken that the “gora principal” had come to protect them (Hindu+ Muslim kids) but from whom? What was there to fear? As Alizeh Khaleeli said” Daagh Daagh Ujala- a brilliant way to comment about the present situation in Pakistan without actually talking about the present situation.”
Absolutely beautifully done, kudos to the entire team!

And here you can read how Dawn.com reported about this play.


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