The Acting Class students receive standing ovation for their first performance


The Acting Class students received standing ovation from audiences at the last show of ‘Main Ne Kuch Nahi Keya’ – an Urdu play scripted jointly by the students. They performed the play twice on 27th and 28th July 2019.

Actors performing a scene in ‘Main Ne Kuch Nahi Keya’

Rung School of Music and Arts collaborated with Theatre Wallay to conduct a three-month acting course from late February to May 2019. This theatre play was its final project. Safeer Ullah Khan mentored his students through the entire developmental process spanning over two months. This included script writing, auditions, production and logistics, rehearsals, marketing and publicity. Safeer, while commenting on the conclusion of the class, said, “With this performance, the journey of this class comes to an end, or perhaps it has just begun. We, at Theatre Wallay and Rung School, wish them all the best for their future”.

‘Main Ne Kuch Nahi Keya’ was a light murder-mystery. It did not give the viewers the chills, but packed enough suspense to keep you at the edge of their seat. The play touched upon various themes such as love, disloyalty, insensitivity of media and the transient nature of this material world.

The Cast included:

  1. Ahmad Abbas as District Police Officer (DPO)
  2. Areej Hussain as Inspector Rani
  3. Shahzaib Baddar as Constable Bulbula
  4. Adnan Ahmad Khan as Station House Officer (SHO)
  5. Belal Tarique as Chandio
  6. Alizeh Khalili as Khursheed Begum
  7. *Sana Batool as News Anchor
  8. Jamal Khan as News Anchor
  9. Nadir Shahbaz as Madman
  10. Ali Akbar as Mystic

Lights and Sounds – Aamir Ali                               Direction: Safeer Ullah Khan

*Sana Batool: she was the only cast member who was not part of the Acting Class. She joined the team only because there were 9 students, and 10 characters in the play.