The Next Unusual Thing in Islamabad


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Report by Umer Farooq

Jim Robinson

Theatre Wallay performed first of its kind improv comedy show ‘The Next Unusual Thing’ at the Farm – TW Studio on Saturday night, October 06, 2018.  It was created by Jim Robinson – Fulbright Specialist visiting Pakistan – while working with Theatre Wallay team. 
Improv Theater (Improvisational Theater) is creating or performing something spontaneously or making something from whatever is available. Improvisation, in the performing arts is a very spontaneous performance without specific or scripted preparation. 

Jim devised the performance segments in various interesting ways for example asking audience to give actors the situation to act on. Then he gathered two groups of performers asking groups of actors performing together on one situation and then moving straight to a different situation, and then merging both situation together by over lapping dialogue from both the situations.

In one performance, the audiences were allowed to come on stage and tap on the shoulder of a still actor, and guiding him/her to do certain movements, and the actors had to adapt themselves to the new situations thus created.

Team – The Next Unusual Thing

The team included Arslan Jogezai, Fizza Hasan, Ammar Khalid, Imran Iftikhar, Hafsa Munir, Safeer Ullah Khan, Zainab Hasan, Ahad Siddiqui, Ramil Aftab, Umer Farooq, Hamza, and Amir.